Our Values

Our values and culture

Strong values have been at the heart of NR Barton since its creation in 1948. As we strive to achieve and maintain our trusted advisor position with our clients and intermediaries they guide us in our daily actions, providing a common base of values that all our partners and teams share and respect.



We are proud of our independence and believe this is our strength. We are the masters of our own destiny and this means we are able to adapt to best serve our clients. In our role as auditors and advisors we always act independently.

With no affiliations we are free to utilise the market place to offer the best advice and services to our clients without tie to anyone.

Equally as master of our own destiny we are able to structure our services, pricing, and delivery of services to achieve the best in client services.

When you’re dealing with NR Barton you’re dealing with a local, independent firm employing the people from the local community where we live and work.


Integrity is at the forefront our everything we do as we apply the strongest ethical and moral rigour across how we work and assist our clients.

At NR Barton we understand the importance of trust and through our integrity we make sure this underpins absolutely everything we do.

We like to do the best for our clients and this isn’t always easy. We aren’t afraid to use our integrity to confront difficult situations. We firmly believe that acting with our utmost integrity those difficult conversations will help to build our trust with our clients. Sometimes the difficult option is the best.

It is also our integrity that has helped us to build a strong local relationship in our market place and the thrive as a business for the last seventy years.

We’re here for the long term and our integrity will help us to achieve that.


We treat our client’s challenges as our own and we strive to offer the best advice at all times. Equally we appreciate and care about how our work may affect our communities.

We see our clients’ issues as our own and we take ownership and responsibility to ensure we are here to deliver the best solution with your knowledge that we genuinely care about the outcome for you and your business.

We have over 70 years’ experience in business and this has been built on an ethos of responsible behaviour. It is our determination for responsibility to remain at the core of all aspects of our work and advice.

As a local employer we understand our responsibilities within our local community. We work hard to support our communities through a variety of different projects.

Technical excellence

Technical excellence is fundamental to everything we do. Our constant search for quality serves our client satisfaction and team development across all our service offerings.

Our clients demand the very best advice and we are determined to offer this throughout our suite of services. Our teams have the highest level of training and a wealth of experience to ensure that your affairs are well looked after.

We have over 70 years in business and over 500 years of experience amongst our teams and people meaning we are well placed to be able to offer the best in technical excellence to our clients.

In a world of ever changing legislation it is a comfort to our clients to know that we are here to support them with the changes whilst offering both in depth knowledge and also the latest advice available.


Achieving potential is very important to us. This means that we focus on working with our clients to provide trusted advice to help achieve financial goals.

Unreached potential is a waste. Throughout all our work it is important that both our clients and our people strive to be the best they can be.

Through our training programmes and personal development schemes we seek to mould our people to help them realise their potential.

This in turn helps to ensure that we are offering the best advice and service to our clients who in turn are challenged to reach their own goals and potential.

Goals can be both financial and non-financial. As an accountancy and advisory firm it is important that we focus on our people as well as the numbers.

Through this focus we hope to be able to build a well-rounded team of experts who are optimally positioned to be able to offer our clients market leading advice.


We are stronger when we work together. We work in true partnership in everything we do both internally as a firm and externally in our dealings with clients.

No man is an island and through our collaborations we are best placed to ensure our clients received the best advice available in the market.

As a team of over 40 partners and staff we work together in partnership as a firm to deliver the very best service.

Our partnership also extends out into the market place. This means we are well linked with other professional and financial service firms to safeguard our clients’ needs, whatever they may be.

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