Limited Companies (LTDs) and LLPs are usually sent paper reminders during the year. This is typically to file your accounts and to submit the Confirmation Statement on time. Companies House have announced that they will no longer be sending paper reminders by post; paper reminders cost Companies House a staggering £1.2 million last year, the cost of which is now going to be reinvested into its different products and services.

Company directors have a legal responsibility to file documents at Companies House. Failure to file the accounts and confirmation statement on time could lead to the company being struck off, a fine being issued, disqualification as a company director or even a criminal record.

Companies House are moving to email reminders and will no longer post paper reminders to company directors. They have offered email reminders, instead of paper notifications, for many years, but postal reminders will now cease. It is essential that company directors register for email reminders, if they require a notification, or keep records of the company filing dates.

You can sign up for email reminders here.

Not receiving a reminder by post will not be accepted as a reason for late filing. Directors have a duty to know when their accounts and confirmation statement are due.

Benefits of email reminders

While many directors know their dates and may not want email reminders there are several reasons to register with Companies House for email reminders.

  • Instant notifications to your inbox
  • You can respond immediately using the links provided and file documents
  • Forward emails to your accountant
  • Add up to 4 people to receive notifications (including an agent or your accountant)

How will this affect registered office address mail?

If you are using our address as your company registered office, we will still receive mail for your company. HMRC are still posting accounts reminders, requests to submit corporation tax and UTR letters. Companies House will still use the registered office address to send penalty letters, important company notices and to return incorrectly filed documents. They do not send emails other than the system generated reminders.

If you have any questions about the above information, please contact your usual Partner or Manager, who will be happy to help.