NR Barton are proud to announce the promotion of Jonathan Mackie to the board of directors from 6 April 2021.

Jonathan qualified as a chartered accountant in 2014 after studying for a Maths degree at the University of Manchester.

Jonathan joined NR Barton in December 2017 and began working on modernising and digitalizing internal workflows, whilst building a portfolio of clients. With a portfolio of over 100 clients Jonathan gives excellent financial, tax and digital advice.

His unique digital skill set allows him to ensure that his clients are benefitting from the efficiencies and accuracies that are available. Not only does Jonathan undertaken standard digital advice, such as accounting software conversions or app integrations, he also has a deep understanding of coding languages, such as Visual Basic and Python, which allow bespoke integrations and enhance the capabilities of the finance function.

Jonathan will be expanding NR Barton’s digital offering and looking to become a market leader in digital accounting.

If you would like to discuss how NR Barton can modernise and streamline your accounting function, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01942 242 245.