information technology and e-business

an e-dimension to your business

From small enterprises selling services into their local area, through to large engineering companies with significant customers and suppliers across the world, almost every company has embraced e-business.  

The question is: are you ready to build the internet, email and social media effectively in your business development planning?  It's a key consideration for all new enterprises, because the effectiveness of your engagement with e-commerce could play a significant role on the speed and size of your growth.  

What's more, you must also have the right IT infrastructure with a robust maintenance strategy in place to ensure that you can deliver on your online promise.

NR Barton, alongside our specialist advisors, can help you in the following areas:

  • Assessing how your market has become e-enabled
  • Assessing and developing your e-presence
  • Creating an e-marketing strategy
  • Building a robust and effective e-commerce dimension
  • E-commerce legal obligations
  • Marketing and data protection compliance
  • Handling payments online

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