introducing the tax system

understanding the tax dimension

If there's one area that most budding entrepreneurs raise as a key issue when planning to set up in business, it's tax. After all, most ventures are started by people with no direct commercial experience of HMRC. Their personal tax affairs will most likely have been dealt with by their previous employer.

Unfortunately, tax for business is a much more complex picture than your own PAYE.  Taxation varies according to your profits, with the rates and thresholds subject to change by the Government of the day.  

Ensuring that you start off and stay tax-compliant is a key aspect of running a new business successfully. Partners and managers at NR Barton are ready to talk you through the essential elements of tax compliance and planning.

We can be on hand to highlight the things you need to do and the deadlines you need to keep to stay on side with HMRC - and we're also ready to work with you on an on-going basis to make sure that you your business is in the best possible position to manage its tax affairs efficiently.

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