Acquisitions, mergers and sales

Buying, merging and selling businesses

All business owners are on a journey, and for many, it’s a journey that at some stage could involve buying or merging to accelerate expansion.  Alternatively, you might want to sell – either to secure a pathway to retirement, or as part of a rationalisation strategy.

Whatever stage you’re at on your own journey, NR Barton is there to help signpost the way.  We work with clients to help them with their strategic planning and business thinking.  We help them to prioritise what’s important and ensure that they understand the key issues, tax efficiency considerations and implications of where they’re heading.

Once you’re ready to take action, our partners and managers, alongside carefully chosen specialist advisors, can help you at each key stage – whether that’s funding, acquisition shortlisting, due diligence or deal negotiation.

If it’s your aspiration to dispose or exit, we, together with our specialist advisors can review succession, perform valuations, assist with shortlisting possible acquirers and help you secure the sale.

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