Share valuations

What’s your company worth?

It’s relatively common for businesses to seek a valuation either of the total worth of the company or of the owners’ shares – either ahead of a sale process, for restructuring, or as part of a refinancing strategy.  But the fact that only one in three SME owners has a clear idea of the market value of their assets underlines the point that assessing the value of a business and, therefore, the shares in it is no easy or simple task.

Arriving at an accurate valuation can depend on many factors.  These could include:

  • Current market conditions
  • Recent sale values of companies similar to yours
  • The size of your business
  • Your prospects for future growth
  • The extent to which your business diversifies or specialises
  • The quality and quantity of your customers
  • Your track record in profitability
  • The size and certainty of cashflow
  • The strength of your balance sheet
  • Your overall financial management history

Alongside hand picked specialist advisors, NR Barton is able to work with you to take you through all these variables and secure a robust valuation that stands up to scrutiny by all stakeholders in the process in which you’re involved.

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